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For the Family

For the Family

Seeking help for a loved one with an addiction and/or mental health concerns is never easy. We know this can be a difficult step, filled with apprehension and uncertainty. Our team of experts is here to help provide you with support through this journey.


Family Involvement Opportunities

Addiction and mental health concerns impact the whole family system. We encourage family involvement at all stages of the treatment process. Our team works to provide you with information and resources, keep you informed, and walk with you and your loved one through this time of change.

We believe in the importance of nurturing and repairing family relationships throughout the treatment process and invite family involvement. Family education and visiting opportunities are available. More information on these opportunities is provided at the time of services.


Experiencing a Crisis?

For life-threatening concerns, call 911 or be taken to your nearest emergency department.

For mental health and substance use crisis support and resources, contact:

Trillium Place Crisis Services, available 24/7:

Peoria County - (309) 671-8084
Tazewell & Woodford Counties - (309) 347-1148

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Change Begins Here

Reach your goals and live your best life. Find a full location directory here.

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Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Begin by contacting a member of our team today. Call (888) 311-0321.