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Adult Substance Use Programs

Adult Substance Use Programs

There are many paths to recovery. Our goal is to help you find the path that works for you. We will explore the best type of care for your needs after completion of an assessment. Substance use disorders include several classes of substances: alcohol, cannabis, hallucinogens, inhalants, opioids, sedatives, stimulants, tobacco, and others.


Inpatient or Residential Services

Withdrawal Management

Withdrawal management services, supported by physician and nursing staff, are often the first step in building a successful program of recovery. Medications are used to manage your withdrawal needs, most commonly for alcohol, opioids, and sedatives.

Inpatient Treatment

Individuals that require greater nursing support during early recovery can be managed in an inpatient setting

Residential Treatment

With gender specific programs, residential services provide a safe and supportive environment for individual's to build a program of recovery.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medications to support your recovery can be evaluated as part of your treatment program.

Man telling his experience to others in the substance use program

Outpatient Services

Day Treatment

Day treatment, also known as a partial hospitalization program, is available with or without boarding. This program offers intensive group education and therapy services during the day with the ability to stay overnight or transition to a supportive home environment in the evening.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient care, including intensive outpatient and continuing care, provides structured education and group support to maintain a program of ongoing recovery. Daytime and evening groups are available.

Early Intervention Programs

These weekly education sessions target at risk behaviors, healthy decision-making, and development of communication skills to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Medications supporting your recovery can be evaluated as part of your treatment program.

Woman leading adult substance use program providing assistance to others


  • Educational Groups
  • Group Counseling
  • Individual Counseling
  • Family Programming
  • Family Visiting
  • Leisure and Fitness Activities
  • 12-Step Peer Support and Education
  • Individualized Recovery and Discharge Planning
  • Medical Support as Needed Including Medication-Assisted Treatment

Experiencing a Crisis?

For life-threatening concerns, call 911 or be taken to your nearest emergency department.

For mental health and substance use crisis support and resources, contact:

Trillium Place Crisis Services, available 24/7:

Peoria County - (309) 671-8084
Tazewell & Woodford Counties - (309) 347-1148

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